A work to be done

There’s a work to be done. A great work to be done. devil out here waring on souls. Not playing fair at all. He is out to seek all whom he can devour. But ourGod is bigger than every attack. We must attract the Spirit. Stay with us. Show love to those who are feeling stuck. Let go of the egos and the way you think it should be done. Souls are remaining in bondage because they are not proper enough when they enter the church. It’s amazing how when they come in, we judge. What they are wearing has suddenly become more important than what they are wearing. Do you get it? I’m not talking about clothing. I’m talking about masks. I’m talking about how they just sold their bodies for cash. I’m talking about the addictions you can smell they have. I’m talking about the bruise on their calf. They claimed to have fallen down the steps. You quickly move on because it’s time for offering. But you should be offering your heart and helping hand. But we say I will pray for you and never do. Think about how this soul may be depending on you. Give your time and stop turning your back on folks. You think you’ll make it into heaven to find your access has been revoked. We must do better as a people. We must start spreading the love we were commissioned to give. And stop picking and choosing who we give it to. What if God did that to you? Lets fulfill this mission keeping God on our minds. Let’s give Him our time. May He lead us to the souls that are dying. Lord, have your way. Work.