Will You Be Called Wise?

Will you walk in wisdom?

Will you experience its benefits?

Will you listen and be obedient to the voice of God?

Will you hear His voice through His Word?

Will you find the fear of the Lord?

Will you hear the voice of wisdom loud and clear?

Will you gain that the understanding and knowledge that it brings?

Will you be saved from wickedness as you go throughout your life?

Will you find success and walk blessedly with wisdom?

Will you be called wise because you chose to listen to wisdom?

Proverbs 2


Questions For Thought

As my friends and I read through 1 Thessalonians 1, these questions are dropped in our spirits. Feel free to study chapter and answer questions in your private study time. I would love for you to share your answers if you like.

1. Who are you serving on a daily basis? Are you serving Me (Christ) or flesh? (Verse 9)

2. What does it mean to wait for Jesus Christ to save us from wrath? (Verse 10)

3. Why is it important to hear the Word with joy? (Verse 6)

4. What have I chosen you to do? (Verse 4)

Share your answers in the comments. I’ll be waiting to hear!


Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder if you’re loved? Ever wonder if you’re seen? Ever wonder if you’re heard? Ever wonder if you’re cared for? Ever wonder if you’re going to make it? Ever wonder if you’re in the right place in life?

Well, check out this scriptures that will help you.

Loved- Romans 5:8

Seen- Psalm 139

Heard- Psalm 17:6

Cared- 1 Peter 5:7

Make it- Ecclesiastes 9:11

Right place- Ecclesiastes 3

Be encouraged ❤️