Can You Hear Him Now?

As I was riding in the car with a 4 year, His little eyes spotted a Toys R Us.

“Toys R Us”, he screams.

I responded with, “I see it. But it’s closed.”

He says, “No, they will open on Sunday.”

I let him know that they aren’t open anymore and won’t open again. He would not accept what I was saying. Here I am, older and wiser trying to explain the cause of Toys R Us closing. He still didn’t want to hear me. How often do we cut God off. Here He is with His infinite power and great wisdom. But we act like we know it all. We insist on getting our point across and block out what God is saying. If we can just get in our heads that God’s ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher too. He knows things that we don’t. Way more! So the next time God try’s to tell you something, listen. He’s speaking now. Are you listening?



Obedience Be Like…

You gotta be tired of living in your own will, right? Come down the road that leads to promise. Because your disobedience is keeping you from the finely paved road of milk and honey. No obedience means prolonged blessings. Because God can’t bless your will. So why are you still walking with my twice removed cousin. You rather be attached to the curse than the blessing? You rather live in struggle than the land of abundance? You rather walk in darkness than in the light of the Lamb? You rather be the boss than to humble yourself before the King? That’s lame. It really is. But you know what’s even more lame? You knowing the outcome of your disobedience and still doing things in your own will.

Joshua 1.


Freedom to Worship

For those who don’t know, I no longer work a 9-5. God allowed me to leave my job on May 26, 2017. I no longer have to clock in and be on someone else’s time. I have the freedom to spend the day how I want. Which is normally Spirit led. I didn’t want to go into this new season being irresponsible. I want my days to be lived with purpose and in purpose. I wanted every move to be intentional. I must be a good steward over this season. So I acknowledge God in all my ways so that He will direct my path. This scripture has become my testimony. And since I released my will to Him, my days are oozing goodness and mercy. It’s drenched in greatness and favor. 
I speak abundance, yes. God showed me that I can have abundance in all areas of my life and there are different types. This season brought an abundance of freedom. But can I share one thing that I am most thankful for? The fact that if I want to drop to my knees and pray, I can. If I want to have a moment of worship right where I am, I can. I no longer have to sneak to the bathroom to praise. I no longer have to keep my music at a “whisper”. Whenever I have to urge to lift my hands, I can do this. And for this I am so very grateful! I love Jesus!! 
I encourage you to continue to speak or start speaking Gods word over your life. He absolutely honors His Word!
Much peace and many blessing to you❤️