A quick update…

Ive been MIA, huh? Yeah, I know when I started this blog, I was going through a time in life when I had to be still and just listen to God. But at the time, i didn’t really know what He sounded like. But, the more I wrote, the more I not only heard His voice, I was able to see His words. This is when I shared with the world. He spoke to me as I went through and I shared to help someone else go through. Well eventually the storm passed. A new season came. I took a break as things shifted. I wrote every now and then, but didn’t post it. For me, writing is more than an escape, it’s ministry. If my words that are God given, give hope, peace, and joy… I’m for it. If I don’t feel Him moving, I can’t post it. So as I rebuild and refocus, it’s my hope that you will be patient. When I am released to post, you will know. I will post every opportunity I get. Stay tuned and bear with me. I have one goal in life and that is to tell of Him. I love you, but Jesus loves you more! #BeBlessed #UntilNextTime

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

When I look into the mirror, what do I see?
A woman that’s put together so wonderfully.
I was phenomenally made by God.
Yes, cheerfully He created a masterpiece to display.
For His work to speak of His goodness each day.
Let His greatness be seen in me
May my life be rich in favor for all to see.
I could really care less about what people think about me;
I cant allow their words to determine my destiny.
For me to become enslaved to the words of society,
would be a total disappointment to the One who created me.
I walk with confidence because I know Who holds my future.
I’m on a quest.
I’m on a mission.
Lord, use me.