Being Great Through Christ

I’m up this morning walking in the newness of life that Christ gave me. Shedding the skin of sin and walking blameless. I have been given the mindset of Christ and a new attitude. My will is being broken and I’m moving in obedience. I have compassion, kindness, humility, and love. I have gentleness, patience, endurance, self control, and discipline. I’m selfless. I think if only pleasing Christ and living a great life through Him. Hearing “well done” is my reason for remaining in Him. So this peace of Christ that rules in my heart comes from knowing that God won’t let me fall. Because I am His child, His Word will manifest itself in my life. That Word will dwell richly in my life. It will flow in every area and every way. Especially when it comes to showing the love of Christ in all I do. Yes all. I am striving to stay out of my old selfish ways and live freely and richly in the newness of Christ.

Colossians 3


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