Why I do what I do

I do what I do because I love the Lord. For me to be obedient to His voice isn’t only imperative for my life, but those He needs me to connect with. I hear Him speak and I move. Sometimes hesitating. But the consequences of disobedience are just too much for me to handle, so I continue to follow His instruction. You see, I’ve been there. Living life on my own. Going with my flow and dismissing His voice. No wonder I didn’t hear Him when He spoke. My will clouded my hearing. So now that I have a clear line of communication, I am willingly obedient because the plan behind the instruction is too big for me to even see. So I will continue doing what I do for God because not doing His will is not an option. Is it an option for you?

I pray that you move in the direction that God needs you to move. I pray that you trust His voice as He speaks. I hope that you are seeking His will over yours because your will will leave you wanting more. Searching for more when you have all you need. All you need is found in Christ. So please not only consider Gods will, but do it so that you remain covered by His Blood.

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