What Luke 1 Teaches Us.


What can we learn from Luke 1?

  • The Word of God will never fail. People will fail us. We may fail ourselves. Our jobs and this world will fail us, but the Word of God will NEVER fail. It will prosper! If there is no failure in the Bible, why do we question it? We have seen the Word of God come alive in our lives on many occasions. What makes us think it will fail us now? Has God changed? Nope! He remains the same. And guess what? His Word is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There is no failure in His Word.
  • Because of Zechariah’s obedience to Gods will, he was immediately blessed and received His voice back. Immediately. We know that following the will of God isn’t always easy, but we can see that there are blessings attached to obedience. Not only was he blessed to receive his voice, but Johns life can now fulfill the will of God because of his fathers obedience. When we are obedient, the blessings flow to those around you as well. Your church, home, children, job. Blessings will flow to everything that is connected to you, even strangers. Be obedient. Reap the blessings.
  • Verse 45 shows us that faith makes things possible. Believing that God will do what He said is key! Our words create our world. Imagine the world that you would create for yourself if you spoke and stood on the Word of God and believed God is truly able to do EVERYTHING. What would happen if we stood on His Word and didn’t allow people or things to shift our thoughts from Him? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The more we read, the more our faith will come alive. Use your faith to change your life and access your blessings.

Johns life was predestined while in His mothers womb. But because His father was obedient, he was now able to walk out his purpose in life. This probably wouldn’t have been if He was named anything else. There is purpose attached to you. Once you accepted Christ into your life, you became a new creature in Him. Your old self was put off and you were made new. Now Christ’s name is attached to you and His power is in you. You can walk confidently in your purpose.

Moral of the story? Be obedient to the voice of God. ❤️

Tell me, what did you take from the story written in Luke 1? I would love to hear. Please comment. 😊

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