Help! I Need You!

You called me out in this ocean, but I’m sinking. Im trying to keep my head above the waves, but I’m failing. Keeping my eyes on You is a struggle. Because what I really want to do is scream. But I will keep it moving to reach the dream. I know I’m a little upset right now. I’ll cool it. But I can’t help but feel that I’m missing something. I have questions. Did I really hear You speak when You told me step out on faith? Did I really understand the responsibility that came next? Did I really comprehend the work ahead? I’m sorry. I sorry. I know these questions only came to mind because I’m aggravated. Just about over it. But I refuse to miss the promises that You have stored up for me. Although it’s hard to see. But I will press towards the mark that You set for the called and keep my mind set on things above. I’ll watch the words that flow from my lips and get the lessons that need to be learned. I won’t let the trials dampen my joy. I won’t speak based on what I see. I want more. I’ll stand on Your word. I will create the world I want to live. I believe You and will continue to give. Because You aren’t a man that will lie. I will trust You Lord with all of my heart until the day I die. Help! I need You, Jesus!!

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