Freedom to Worship

For those who don’t know, I no longer work a 9-5. God allowed me to leave my job on May 26, 2017. I no longer have to clock in and be on someone else’s time. I have the freedom to spend the day how I want. Which is normally Spirit led. I didn’t want to go into this new season being irresponsible. I want my days to be lived with purpose and in purpose. I wanted every move to be intentional. I must be a good steward over this season. So I acknowledge God in all my ways so that He will direct my path. This scripture has become my testimony. And since I released my will to Him, my days are oozing goodness and mercy. It’s drenched in greatness and favor. 
I speak abundance, yes. God showed me that I can have abundance in all areas of my life and there are different types. This season brought an abundance of freedom. But can I share one thing that I am most thankful for? The fact that if I want to drop to my knees and pray, I can. If I want to have a moment of worship right where I am, I can. I no longer have to sneak to the bathroom to praise. I no longer have to keep my music at a “whisper”. Whenever I have to urge to lift my hands, I can do this. And for this I am so very grateful! I love Jesus!! 
I encourage you to continue to speak or start speaking Gods word over your life. He absolutely honors His Word!
Much peace and many blessing to you❤️

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