Mission possible. 

His unfailing love will not be shaken. It’s always available. There for the taking. Along with it, come mercy and grace. He promised these would follow us for all of our days. Resting in Him knowing that no love is greater. It came in our spirits leaving us full of joy not bitter. A love that never fails even when we do. A love that doesn’t wrong and keeps no records. So for the record, we are commissioned to give this same love. It’s not always easy to love ours how you love yourself. But that when Something greater kicks in. It comes from within. Teaches us all things. We only win. Cause we can’t go wrong when we follow God’s direction. It keeps us from sin. So the next time you hear His voice make sure to listen. We are on a mission. His love is spreading like a wildfire. Let’s do what we were commissioned. Love. 

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