Feeling Stuck?

My long sleeves hide the hurt

My smile covers the pain

My laugh puts a barrier around the tears

For now that is

I sit in a room full of people, yet I’m alone

I’m a prisoner 



No one cares to search for the key

The key that will unlock me from this misery

I don’t blame them

I barely think I’m worth saving

I don’t have the energy to dig 

So I’ll just sit here

Blade to my arm

Gun to my head

Meds in my hand

Or should I stand

On a bridge

In front of a truck

I mean, if I step out at the perfect time….


You are worth fighting for!

No one can search for something that hasn’t been lost.

The key was in the hand of God all along.

He has the power to heal the hurt.

He has the power to ease the pain.

He has the perfect plan to turn those tears of sadness into joy.

God has the key.

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