Wheres my cape?!

Want to know a secret? I go through the same process everytime it’s time for me to photograph.

I book a photo session months in advance.
I am fine. No biggie.
The week of, I’m fine. No biggie.
The day of…yup you guessed it. Perfectly fine.

But the hour of the session, I get nervous.
I pray.
I quote scripture.
I breathe.

Then…I arrive at the location.

All of the nervousness ceases and I go into “I can do all things through Christ” mode. It’s like my superpowers are released. I’m in a totally different zone.

I pose. I shoot. I laugh. I cry. I encourage.

Then its all over…done.

I look at the images thankfully because Jesus trusted me with this amazing gift. Because He talked me through it. Because without Him, I suck. I am glad I still get nervous. Because in that nervousness, I pull on Him even more.

I would like to share with you guys a few images of a wedding that were taken on 6/10/2016. Enjoy.










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