I see you

You are not alone.


I see you
I see the smile you wear to cover up the pain
Maybe if you smile hard enough no one will know you are going insane
You’re physically and mentally tired of putting on a front
When will someone hear you screaming “help”
I see you
You’re hurt, frustrated, and depressed
But you can’t even talk to anyone because you’re afraid of them finding out you’re a mess…inside
I see you
So you silently drown in your sorrow
Grasping for air
I see you
You decide enough is enough
I’m ready to exit this life
I can’t take another day of pretending and living a lie
How about I overdose on meds and just die
I see you
Life isnt worth living
It’s a constant struggle
No one understands
Man, where is this bottle?!
I see you
But before you pop that top to the bottle

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Over it (I’m done)

Don’t give up.

Unless of course you’re giving up:
Frowning, stress, pain, hurt, doubt, fear, poverty, hatred, malice, gossiping, suicidal thoughts, unforgiving heart, etc.

Feel free to toss your hands up and say “I’m done” #LifeIsSoMuchBetterOnTheOtherSideOfTheseThings #ChristDiedSoWedBeFreeFromSin #Smile #GodLovesYou

Sharing Is Caring

Lord, I just want to share the beauty of Your love with everyone I encounter.

May Your words spoken through me kiss their soul.

May Your Spirit smother every hurt, every pain.

Bring a peace that will flow like a river and wash every fear and doubtful thought away.

Encamp around them through  their daily journeys.

May the dipstick of their joy read “full”.

And Your comforting power bring that racing mind to a complete stop.


That’s all.

Mind blown.

God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all you can ask or think according to the power that works in you.

Stop looking at what you can do and start looking at what He can do.

Trust God. He’s about to blow your mind!

Got faith?

Life sucks.


So we are all familiar with Facebook memories, right? Well today I scrolled through and saw the following post that was made visible to the Facebook world on this day in 2014. I think about this dark moment often and thank God even more often. But as you read the following paragraph, please know that suicide is not the answer. Life is worth living no matter how “bad” things may seem. Stay prayerful and know that God loves you. HE. LOVES. YOU!!!

Facebook memory….Full of praise today!! Had a flashback and I’m SO thankful!! To think some years ago, I was having suicidal thoughts! I didn’t put a knife to my wrist or od on meds, but I prayed that God would let me die in my sleep…I didn’t care care whether or not I woke up the next morning to see another day. I just wanted out! But to God be the glory he didn’t see fit to grant me this “prayer”. And I’m GLAD about it!!! It was selfish of me to even think this way.  What about my family, what about those lives that I’m destined to reach out to!! I would’ve been cutting off my purpose, my favor…my destiny!!! I’m so glad God kept me even when I didn’t want to be kept! So, treat others with love. You NEVER know what someone is going through and who your smile or a simple “hello, how are you doing” will touch!! I’m so glad that He saw fit for me to live this great life! No matter what…remember Jesus loves you and so do I!! There is nothing too big that God can’t handle! #JustWantToEncourageSomeone #Heknows #HeCares #JessCares #BeBlessed #BeEncouraged #CouldntPutAllThatIFeelIntoWords

Conversations with God Pt. 2

Me: Lord, why do I seem to come off so strong when I meet someone? Why is it that I “fall in love” with people so easily? What is it? Is it *I begin to list a bunch of things trying to pinpoint it*

God: No! You have what they need. You have Me. Keep doing what you are doing. Give them love. Give them ME.

Me: *wipes single tear away* *smiles* ok, God. Ok. I love You!


I am so amazed by His love.  Love conquers all!