He makes a difference.

So many are hurting. Whether they go through the pain privately or silently, encouragement is needed. How can we encourage someone who doesn’t ask us for it? How do we know when they need it? What do we say?

There are three words that will answer all of these questions and more: The Holy Ghost.

When we have Him and move as He says, there’s no question that we have what the person needs exactly when they need it.

Quick story #1…
A friend of mine (we will call them Friend..creative, I know haha) prayed for a woman that was pregnant. Friend was led by the Holy Ghost to pray for woman. This was 2/3 years ago. Today, March 14, 2016, Friend ran into woman at the store. Woman brought up the time Friend prayed for her and child in womb and how much it blessed her and she saw the manifestation of that prayer in child. She thinks on that moment often. Friend told me that she remembered this moment clearly because the Holy Ghost was operating through her.

Friend had no idea what to pray for, but because she allowed the Holy Ghost to move freely, He gave her what she needed to be a blessing.

As you can see, having the Holy Ghost makes a difference. We are no good to anyone when we are operating in our flesh. Stay in the spiritual realm, and be led.

Let’s not only keep others lifted in prayer but reach out (actually pick up the phone and call) to those that God places on our heart. Just hearing your voice can be exactly what they needed. Something so small to you can mean the world to them. Your call can be what stops that knife from slicing a wrist. Your voice can be what stops an emotional breakdown. Your voice can be what stops a divorce. Your voice can be the very tool that brings a soul to Christ.

Be used by Him. When you hear Him, move. Someones life may be on the line.


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