I love You, I’m just not that into You.

I find myself talking to my friends more than I talk to you.

I find myself entertaining others more than I pray.

I long for your presence but am busy to call upon Your name.

Praying before I leave the house in the morn? Sorry, no time because I overslept. Is it okay to pray on the go? We can have intimate time during my 10 minute drive to work. Don’t worry, i’ll lower the radio for a moment.

The best way to get to know someone is to spend time with them, but my time is too precious for You.

Yes, I binge watched a full 5 seasons this weekend and felt it was ok to say a quick thank You before I went to sleep.

I decided to take matters into my own hands, because my will is more important than Yours.

We can try Your way after we try my way.

I read the verse of the day in my bible app while at a red light.

What my friends are tweeting and posting is so much more interesting.

Hold on wait, my favorite YouTube couple just posted their latest vlog.

Ok, let me settle down and focus on You.


I’ll do better tomorrow…


Ladies and gentleman, let us not take advantage of Gods grace.


To Be Continued….

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