a touchy subject
















these are the various emotions that happen throughout the course of a day. you know the day your loved one is put to rest. how can one possibly deal with such a wide range of emotions in a 12 hour period?

how? with the help of Jesus and their loved ones.

we have all experienced the death of a loved one at one point in life.  the one thing that keeps us going is the support of our family and friends.  we sometimes ask “what can I possibly do to console him/her?”.  i know the feeling. since i’ve been on both sides of the fence, i know a little bit (very little actually) of how to handle this unfortunate event.

the best thing you can do is pray for the family. God is the ultimate comforter.  there is no sorrow on earth that heaven can’t heal.

after prayer, just being there for them means the world.  even if you sit in silence.  for them to know that you’re available means the world to them.  knowing that you’re available for them to talk until their heart is content is needed. they may already feel lonely, so having someone there by their side to sit, talk, hug, comfort, watch movies, or just cry is a huge deal.

don’t take for granted how just your presence can make a whirl of a difference.

the next step is just as important….follow up!

don’t assume that just because it’s been a few months or even a year that that person is ok.  everyone heals at their own rate.  there will still be times when your “how are you feeling” or  “lets grab lunch” will mean everything to the person that lost a loved one.  be sure to keep in touch and offer a friendly smile more often than none.

for if any other reason….your day will come when you wished you had someone in your corner to do the same for you.

remember, its a blessing to be a blessing.


*this was written because ive heard at least 5 people that are connected to me somehow pass away this month.  death is a touchy subject, but i felt led to write about this subject tonight. i pray this helps someone. remember ….follow up.


if you’re reading this and you don’t know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, there’s no better time like the present to invite Him into your heart and life. if you’d like to do this now, genuinely and sincerely pray this prayer…

Lord Jesus,
I truly believe that You are the Son of God. I confess that I have sinned against You and cannot save myself. Please forgive my wrongdoing and let me live in a relationship with You from now on. I receive You as my personal Savior and believe that You have died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead and are alive and can hear my prayers. I invite You to rule in my life and in my heart from this day forward. Help me to live a life that is pleasing to You. Thank You for saving me.
In Jesus’ name,




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